The County of Peterborough


About The Project

We took on a redevelopment project for the County of Peterborough’s website, with the goals of creating a beautiful, mobile-friendly experience, and an easy to manage back-end for County admins. The website has been running successfully since 2012, and is a prime example of how longevity on the web can be achieved when the right planning and steps are taken during development. The website is home to a vast number of documents and resources, all meticulously organized so they can be easily found by the site’s visitors.

Mobile Responsive Design

The County’s website is completely mobile-friendly. When designing a website that is sure to get a lot of traffic, chances are high that the site will have a large number of mobile visitors. Making sure that the website was easy to navigate on all devices was a priority during development. We took the proper steps during testing and design to give citizens living in the County of Peterborough a clean mobile browsing experience.

News & Events

There’s an event calendar that’s integrated into the home page. Residents can discover from just a quick glance what’s going on in the County of Peterborough. News & headlines are all managed by County admins, and are easily accessible to the public.

Custom Home Page Design

There’s a number of structured ‘Popular Topics’ located on the home page including links to pages within the site about Agendas & Minutes, Employment Opportunities, and more. Based on our conversations with County staff, we designed a home page that gives citizens the most relevant information possible, right off the bat.


“The County of Peterborough has recently completed a complete overhaul of the County’s corporate website. The County through the procurement process selected PWD.
Throughout the process we found the services provided by PWD to be of the highest quality. The project team where extremely insightful and guided our team through the process extremely well.
We were able to complete the project within a very tight timeframe and within the allocated budget.
We were very happy with the service and product delivered.” – Sheridan G.

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