The Dual Credit Program


About The Project

Using custom WordPress development we built an easy to manage, user-friendly website for Durham College, Loyalist College, and Fleming College. The website lets high school students find their school, browse available courses, and register for college online.

We built a platform using WordPress that could make managing hundreds of students registering for courses per week, an easy task for admins. Full, in-person CMS training was provided as well as ongoing support for website maintenance. A large number of documents and files are uploaded and displayed on the website. Since course outlines and requirements change frequently, we made sure uploading documents was a very easy task for admins. Information and courses are constantly changing, and the back-end system is properly and successfully managed by admins.

Online Registration Forms

Students that visit the website can find their school and see the dual credit courses that are available to them. After reading about the different courses, they can easily apply online by filling out the registration forms we designed. Once their info is submitted, they’re prompted with an email and link to a print-friendly PDF.

Video Production

We wrote and produced a series of narrated videos that explain the dual credit program to students, teachers, and parents.

Custom Design & Development

We designed a home page around the key information that was deemed essential to get across to students and teachers. Custom design & WordPress development allowed for a ton of flexibility in finding the best layout and treatment. The home page incorporates important links and an option for students to find their school, so they can register fast and easy.


Here’s what a member of the project committee had to say about our work process:

“I really enjoyed meeting and working with you. You were enthusiastic and eager and professional and took us step by step through the whole process in a way that was understandable to a non-tech person! My thanks to you.” – Adriana, Durham College

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